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old wool coils

September 29, 2010

Found these wool binding coils at a tag sale.  They are obviously old, also dirty and partially moth-eaten.  I am not a really experienced sewer, and this kind of wool binding is not something I’ve ever seen.  What would it have been used for?  Upholstery? Blankets?  I’m going to use it for something, but almost certainly not either of those things.  The moth-eaten portions could be kind of interesting to layer with other fabric.  I’m thinking about it.

coils of wool binding fabric

One of these binding fabrics has something like free form embroidery on it. What would this had been used for?



December 8, 2009

Just home from work, glancing through paper as I eat some dinner, and whoa! my heart leaps to see the lead article in the NYTimes Science section, “The Circular Logic of the Universe.”  I love it when art and science merge, as they always should.  If you’re inexplicably drawn to circles like me, take a look.

hat dots

November 11, 2009

Beautiful hats like dots in the Asian section of the American Museum of Natural History in NYC, where we went Monday to see the amazing golden orb spider silk.


traditional central asian hats on display in the American Museum of Natural History

daily round

August 13, 2009

Like Jude Hill, I’ve long been moonstruck by circles and dots.  I can’t explain it in any way that’s meaningful to me.  Yes, the art things about dot being the base mark for all other marks, and the universal philosophies about circles standing for infinity, wholeness, etc.  The circle with dot representing merged female/male.  Or the cintamani, an ottoman motif of three circles arranged in a triangle, and meaning “auspicious jewel,” a mark to ward off evil.  Symbols are good.  But that’s not what I love about circles and dots.  I don’t know what it is about them except they are always fascinating.  The worst part of the fascination is that I can’t figure out quite what I want to do with them.  For a couple years I’ve gradually been creating a small collection (two dozen or so) of pieced circles using Fassett shot cottons.  I love them, and I have many sketches of how I might use them.  But so far, I haven’t  started any of these ideas.  It’s still germinating.  dot.

quarter-round pieced circles, 6in squares

quarter-round pieced circles, 6in squares

I’ve named this incipient whatever-it-is Sarashina Moon (how can it have a name before it is?) after paintings by Hiroshige and Chikanobu, poetry by Basho, and an 11th century writer whose real name is not known, but who is called Sarashina Nikki (or Lady Sarashina).  Historically, Sarashina district was famous for its autumn moonviewing and the paintings of this are spellbinding.

Moonviewing at Sarashina by Hiroshige

Mount Kiyodai and the Moon Reflected in the Rice Fields at Sarashina by Hiroshige