shot cotton lagniappe

Recently Jude posted a wonderful dissertation on shot fabrics.  Highly recommended!  It induced me to admit my love of a certain brand of shot cotton, something of a guilty pleasure since it’s a popular designer and the fabric is expensive.  A little bonus I love from all fabrics, but most especially this shot cotton, is the ravishing ribbon the selvage makes.

shot cotton selvage ribbons

5 Responses to “shot cotton lagniappe”

  1. deanna cohen Says:

    scrumptious…thanks for showing this. wish i had all the shot cotton that was in my dad’s sewing stash when i was growing up. i’ll have to start accumulating my own.

    • caro Says:

      Well if you ever find a good source besides Fassett, let me know. I’d rather find recoverable fabric, like old clothes and such, but I’ve just never seen any except the usual chambray.

  2. jude Says:

    i could swim in that…

  3. deb g Says:

    Oh the colors!

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