recent pojagi

Just finished a pojagi-style piece as a gift for the generous mother of a friend.  Used lightweight linens and cottons, damask, and an open weave fabric.  I was trying for some spontaneity in this one and mostly free-cut and built the composition as I went.  Very badly photographed, however.  Ah well.  Will have to do, since the gift is already sent off.

With light through it, but the colors are not accurate; size is approx. 18"x18"

color is more accurate in this one

The "back" of the piece where I left the french seams not sewn down. Like the texture this gives.

11 Responses to “recent pojagi”

  1. Karen M Says:

    This is so serenly beautiful. So abstract, but yet I can’t help but “see” a lighthouse and boat. I wonder what other see….

  2. deb g Says:

    I like the bit of black you’ve included. Very nice!

  3. pamela price klebaum Says:

    Oh, this is just spectacular! The design reminds me of the Gee’s bend quilts. Congratulations on this marvelous art.

  4. jude Says:

    i really like this.

  5. mendofleur Says:

    Beautiful piece!

  6. Storycloth Says:

    The last photo taken from behind is wonderful. I’m not sure that I wouldn’t have this side as the seen one all the time. Superb work. I really like french seams. Lucky gift recipient. Gilly

  7. caro Says:

    Thanks. Yes, I’m very fond of the pleat-like seams on the back too. Really, the only thing that makes this the “back” for me is the hems turn to that side.

  8. India flint Says:

    me too i like this

  9. thequiltersalley Says:

    This is a saying I love. “Coincidence is the messenger of truth.” I am working on a 7 foot square piece as a wedding canopy (chuppah) for my daughter and her beloved. (see comment two posts ago)

  10. Robyn A Says:

    I see windows with a black and white curtain pulled to one side. I love the translucent effect, really beautiful and calm.

  11. Clare W Says:

    Improvised stained glass – beautiful

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