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old wool coils

September 29, 2010

Found these wool binding coils at a tag sale.  They are obviously old, also dirty and partially moth-eaten.  I am not a really experienced sewer, and this kind of wool binding is not something I’ve ever seen.  What would it have been used for?  Upholstery? Blankets?  I’m going to use it for something, but almost certainly not either of those things.  The moth-eaten portions could be kind of interesting to layer with other fabric.  I’m thinking about it.

coils of wool binding fabric

One of these binding fabrics has something like free form embroidery on it. What would this had been used for?


recent pojagi

September 26, 2010

Just finished a pojagi-style piece as a gift for the generous mother of a friend.  Used lightweight linens and cottons, damask, and an open weave fabric.  I was trying for some spontaneity in this one and mostly free-cut and built the composition as I went.  Very badly photographed, however.  Ah well.  Will have to do, since the gift is already sent off.

With light through it, but the colors are not accurate; size is approx. 18"x18"

color is more accurate in this one

The "back" of the piece where I left the french seams not sewn down. Like the texture this gives.