Kantha show

I was hoping to see the kantha exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, which they claim to be the first exhibition devoted solely to kantha outside of Asia, but not sure that trip is going to work out in my schedule.  On the website you can see several of the works in the show.  One that caught my eye was very different from the others, just rows of little circles.  The simplicity is as bold as some of the other far more complex and ornate examples.

Kantha example at Philadelphia Museum of Art

detail of center of kantha example

detail of corner of kantha example

It’s sort of sampler-like, isnt’ it?  Even if you can’t get to Philadelphia to see the show, the website has many beautiful kantha works to examine.

8 Responses to “Kantha show”

  1. jeanamarie Says:

    It does look like a sort of sampler…thanks for the link I will check it out. Hope you can go see it!

  2. Deb G Says:

    Sometimes simpler is better… Hope you make it to the exhibit.

  3. Kaye Says:

    Followed a maze of blog links to get here. You have a very interesting place; I enjoyed stopping by.

  4. chris gray Says:

    I couldn’t hope to get to the exhibition…but I did the next best thing and got the book!

    It’s well worth the money…..superb photos and oceans of information.

  5. India flint Says:

    thank you for that lovely link….

  6. Mary Says:

    Love the Kantha photo and the great link!
    What a wonderful blog you have-love all your fiber creations.

  7. India flint Says:

    thank you for the link

  8. judy martin Says:

    I saw this quilt in the Kantha catalog for that show and loved it. It looks great here – and is really inspiring. Thanks for images of it, and also for the link.

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