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Kantha show

March 15, 2010

I was hoping to see the kantha exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, which they claim to be the first exhibition devoted solely to kantha outside of Asia, but not sure that trip is going to work out in my schedule.  On the website you can see several of the works in the show.  One that caught my eye was very different from the others, just rows of little circles.  The simplicity is as bold as some of the other far more complex and ornate examples.

Kantha example at Philadelphia Museum of Art

detail of center of kantha example

detail of corner of kantha example

It’s sort of sampler-like, isnt’ it?  Even if you can’t get to Philadelphia to see the show, the website has many beautiful kantha works to examine.


Art museum day

March 7, 2010

The Agnes Martin galleries at DIA:Beacon are very good, but I’d like to see more than the 20 paintings they have there.  And I’m sorry to say that none of the iphone photos I took when no one was looking were any good. Martin’s work doesn’t really reproduce well, even with better equipment.  It has to be seen in person.  But I was pleased to find in the museum shop, on the cover of an old exhibition catalog, these words of hers:

The silence on the floor of
my house
is all the questions and all
the answers that have
been known in the world
The sentimental furniture
threatens the peace
The reflection of a sunset
speaks loudly of days

Also at DIA:Beacon is an amazing set of massive Richard Serra steel sculptures that you can walk inside of.  He’s done others like this that can be found elsewhere, but these are the ones I know and love.  If you get a chance, go see them.  (There’s a train up from Grand Central in NYC.)

serra in sun

steady on

March 3, 2010

This week trying to regain some rhythm and restablize a bit after being without power for a few days due to a double-whammy storm that hit this area last Thursday night.  Everything melting and dingy and wet now, but last weekend it was drama.  Now just trying to get my head back to projects underway.  Things that will help:  the Japanese indigo stripe has finally arrived and will shortly become a trim little border to hold the indigo table scarf.  And DIA:Beacon has recently installed some Agnes Martin paintings from its collection that I’ll try to see this weekend.  I really like Agnes Martin.