light thru the subject

Realized as I was working that I’ve been piecing this stain quilt in a rhythm similar to the pojagi style I like.  Of course most pieced work like this will look like pojagi when held to the light.  But these are just regular seams so the effect is softer and less dramatic than the French-seam I use for pojagi (or any of the authentic Korean enclosed seams).

Fun to see in the light like this, but it will definitely be a quilt… though quilts are wrappers, too, like pojagi has traditionally been.

stain quilt in window 24feb2010

light thru stain-two pieces-24feb2010

5 Responses to “light thru the subject”

  1. Deb G Says:

    What a wonderful perspective! Just beautiful.

  2. mendofleur Says:

    This is so amazing. There is so much here to admire, the seams, the tones, the quality of the light coming through, the design element as each one is pieced. Very nice and peaceful too!

  3. caro Says:

    Thanks! I’m really glad you like it. The design aspect of it is rather intense and time-consuming…. or slow, as I’ve already claimed for this quilt anyway.

  4. hudsondebb Says:

    Such beautiful work!
    I love how it looks like pojagi.

  5. jeanamarie Says:

    love how the light shining through defines the edges of the stains – it’s a very beautiful effect!

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