small indigo

Working on a table scarf as a gift for someone very dear.  She loved the colors and fabrics in our indigo quilt, so I’ve used the remaining cutoffs in this piece for her.  Among the ordinary print fabrics are many special ones: vintage Japanese kasuri, African adire, traditionally hand-dyed and hand-woven indigoes, and others.  But it’s pretty busy and needs to be held a little more firmly than just a dark border.  I’ve ordered a couple pieces from Japan in hopes at least one will be right for this.

Indigo table scarf detail-1

Detail of table scarf - full size is approx 2'x4'

indigo table scarf detail-2

some vintage kasuri, handwoven stripes, African adire, and some commercial indonesian batik

2 Responses to “small indigo”

  1. Deb G Says:

    Love this! I like how different worlds can come together in so many different ways…

  2. India flint Says:

    i’ve never hear the appellation “tablescarf” before….i like it!!

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