little housetop

Last fall I continued trying to create a wallhanging for my daughter because she was inspired by a Gee’s Bend exhibit. Despite emulating with free cutting, salvaged fabric, and a favorite Gee’s Bend pattern, I could never get loose enough.  Nevertheless, I gave the result to her and she seems pleased enough.  But I’m not as pleased as I want to be myself.  I’ll probably let this effort go for awhile because of other projects, but I hope someday to give her something much stronger and more fluent.

Anyway, I titled it “Fall Homage to Housetop,” and subtitled it “getting over the fear of corduroy.”  Two different flea market cords combined with old shirts and some Fassett cottons. The cords were the real risk for me because using something too easy like that always felt a little like velvet paintings.  But just having the corduroy was enough for the Gee’s Bend women to turn out glorious quilts using it. And in fact in this little piece I don’t dislike it and will probably use it more.  Well, that’s a kind of progress I guess.

The color and surface texture turned out to be hard to photograph.  These from different cameras and different light, none precisely correct.

3 Responses to “little housetop”

  1. Deb G Says:

    Some colors are so hard to capture…but this is lovely in all it’s shades.

  2. mendofleur Says:

    I really, really love this. I followed much of the work of Gees Bend and saw an exhibit in San Francisco. I know how much corduroy and denim were staples of their quilts. Yours is one that is greatly inspired by this amazing group of women. I am sure your daughter is thrilled with it.

  3. Caro Says:

    Thanks for the kind words. My daughter is a wonderfully supportive and nurturing woman so this could have been worse and she’d have made sure I know she loves it. Therefore….she deserves the best. Still to come.

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