slow return

The people writing almost all the blogs I follow seem to have recovered their rhythm after the holidays and started posting in their usual way, sometimes even more than usual.  But over here life has thrown in some kinks and I’m still trying to find my way to the work I want to do in the coming months, old projects that have just been holding in the back of my mind, and some newer ones too.  While I move slowly into that, I’ve picked up a book I started last year and didn’t finish, though I’ve wanted to.  It’s called The Craftsman by Richard Sennett, a sociologist who in this book examines what craftsmanship is and what it means to human culture, past and present.  It’s one of those kinds of books that I underline in and write notes in the margins on most of the pages.  I thought I’d bring a little of that here.  For instance, from the prologue:

“Learning from things requires us to care about the qualities of cloth or the right way to poach fish; fine cloth or food cooked well enables us to imagine larger categories of ‘good.’”   And a paragraph later: “…we can achieve a more humane material life, if only we better understand the making of things.”

Agreed.  Slow cloth and slow food.  Better life.  (And I won’t even complain about it being The Craftsman.)

The Craftsman bookcover

4 Responses to “slow return”

  1. Deb G Says:

    I’ll have to find this book. Slow is a worthy quality for almost everything…understanding the making of something is key I think.

  2. mendofleur Says:

    I hope to find this book too. I am directing my thinking towards this more each day as I go through my routines. Even on my daily walks, these thoughts seem to direct how I see everything in a different light.

  3. Ger Says:

    This sounds interesting…! + a beautiful cover, too…

  4. Caro Says:

    Well, it is admittedly rather academic, but pretty accessible nevertheless. His histories of different types of craft are fascinating. (Thanks to all of you for dropping by when I’ve been silent for so long.)

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