Time to begin

I’ve been spending the last months working on this blog, trying to figure out how to use the different features of wordpress, little by little building things here.  Am I ready to open it?  I don’t know.  I’m not sure yet I can commit to a blog given the pressures and demands of my life.  But I do believe in communities, and I’ve been enjoying the efforts of other textile artists and writers for a while now.  I don’t want to just take.  We’ll see how it goes.

14 Responses to “Time to begin”

  1. jude Says:

    i am glad to find your new blog and look forward to reading here.

  2. deb Says:

    Just found your blog via Jude. Very interesting. Enjoyed your post on art quilts.

  3. Kate Says:

    Came here through spiritcloth. I feel the same way about blogging, the same way about community and textile art. It feels good to know I’m not alone! And I am bouyed by the lovely wall hanging you made for your daughter. If that’s what you can manage among the pressures and demands, hats off to you!! It inspires me to take on a bit more myself.

  4. Deb G Says:

    Came to visit from Spirit Cloth. One of the reasons I started my blog was for the reason you stated. It seemed to share as well as read….

  5. caro Says:

    Thanks to you all for generously stopping by as I’m starting up with this. And thanks to Jude for mentioning it on her blog!

  6. ancientcloth Says:

    I found you via spiritcloth too! Lovely blog and lovely

  7. mendofleur Says:

    jude is so generous in her sharing in this community. You have a wonderful blog. Your thoughts as well as your art have a very strong presence. I know what you mean about finding time amidst the demands of an already busy life, but this is a gift to yourself. It is such a worthy and rewarding effort in so many ways.

  8. caro Says:

    Thanks for the kind comments. I feel very welcomed. I hope all will be patient as I learn how to communicate in this way. Mostly I have kept quiet on the blogs I frequent because it felt awkward speaking up where I didn’t know anyone. A certain shyness is probably not the best quality for a public blogger. Ha.

  9. Ger Says:

    Hello… just came along from Spiritcloth, too – to find myself already in your sidebar, that´s nice… I like your blog…

  10. Julia Moore Says:

    I am a new blogger too and I appreciate your tentativeness and courage to proceed. I enjoyed your thoughts about what constitutes real art. Also I like your own art quilts.. or wall hangings…or gifts…or bed covers …or whatever you want to call them! I am so shamelessly old fashioned and non PC that I tell people, whose work I like. that its PRETTY! Love, Julia Moore

  11. Lainie Says:

    What a beautiful blog. I’m so glad to discover it. Thank you for linking to Red Thread Studio.

    • caro Says:

      Thanks, Elaine. I’m glad you dropped by. I check Red Thread Studio every day hoping for the great links you always offer everyone. You provide such a great resource for the textile community.

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