Sticking or moving

So maybe it’s only your kids who can get you to move off of an idea that seemed firm and principled.  NO late TV on school nights (except for a special presidential address?); NO missing school if they’re not sick (except for visiting grandparents who they haven’t seen for three years?); NO wall-hanging quilts (except if your daughter sees the Gee’s Bend prints & small pieces and asks for a wall piece from you?).  Okay, principles are mutable, aren’t they?  Besides, she’s a grown woman now with children of her own.

The real problem isn’t whether I’d break and create a wall hanging for her, but how to meet the challenge of her inspiration in the Gee’s Bend women.  Good grief. I’ve been trying for years and it’s like trying to become a great jazz player by practicing once every other week.  Not a chance.

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