A really good book

I’ve a thing for traditional patterns.  Especially basic geometrics. They never seem inherently boring to me, though I admit I’ve seen boring things done with them. But the possibilities are infinite for design riffs using basic traditional patterns.  They’re endlessly adaptable to some new interpretation, and the proof is their universality.

Very related to my fondness for geometrics and patterns, whether in traditional form or improvisational composition, is one of the most beautiful design books I own, the elements of design, by Loan Oei and Cecile De Kegel. I keep a copy both at work and at home for the inspiration it always brings.

In this simple book of photographs, which is divided into basic element categories like textures, dots, lines, circles, planes, etc., traditional patterns and some extraordinary variants are on almost every page.  I even discovered recently that it has an example of pojagi and I simply had not registered the name well enough to remember it when I learned of the existence of pojagi traditions this past year.  The book is an endless fount.


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