boro variant

Can’t remember exactly how I discovered Japanese boro, but probably while searching around for Japanese textiles some years ago.  Possibly about the time I started thinking of making the indigo quilt.  At some point, of course I found Stephen Szczepanek’s Sri Threads and could really begin to follow the variations and learn more about the history – along with a good deal of other cultural and textile information on Stephen’s website and blog.  Not long after learning about boro, I started seeing it in other things like stacks of fabrics that happen while working on projects.





Maybe such stacks are too regular and not gestural enough to be compared with boro.  But there is a kind of unintentional composition that happens.  Not to say that boro never involves compositional intent.  You can see that it does sometimes.  (Check Sri Threads for lots of beautiful examples of real Japanese boro.)


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