three small summer spreads

In the spring of 2007, I started playing with the idea of using Kaffe Fassett “shot” solids for French-seam summer spreads for all three grandchildren when they were to visit that summer.  Bright, high-contrast colors: 1) scarlet, pomegranate, & cobalt,  2) grape, tangerine, & jade,  3) forget-me-not, apple, & lavender.  With some Fassett stripes and ikat dots for added visual interest, plus bright contrasting thread that showed on the enclosed seams.

I’d been playing with French seams for a couple of years or so because I’d been working a lot with linens and wanted to avoid raveling seams and also to give structure to large works.  The beauty of these seams and the possibility of using them for a single-layer summer spread kept drawing me down a path toward these first small spreads for the grandchildren.

From these, I learned a lot about how to assemble such works.  For instance, because they were made from large fabric pieces (had to make three of them very fast!), the flaps of the enclosed seams had to be sewn down.  Otherwise, the puckering when washed didn’t look good.  Since then, I’ve made others, some with flaps sewn down and others with flaps left free as a kind of pleating and surface texture.



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